Police update April 2019

From PCSO Makin

Anti-Social Behaviour:

Some reports of youths causing some issues in the Village Hall in Waverton. Spoken to the parents about this so hopefully it will stop, I will continue to monitor though.

Fortunately there is nothing else to report for the other Villages in regards to Anti-Social Behaviour. Any issues that I’m not aware of then please do let me know or ring it in to 101.

I will be trying to visit the Schools at drop off and pick up times to try and help alleviate the parking issues we are having; doing this is only a temporary fix though as due to my shift pattern I cannot be there consistently.

Community Speed Watch:

I now have use of a second enforceable TruCam thanks to Helsby Parish Council who have let me use it. This means I will be out more and more conducting speed enforcement on our roads. I will divide this time as fairly as possible between all wards; Richard Moulds from Waverton community speed watch is coming out with me soon to do an hour of speed enforcement on one of the problem roads in Waverton which I am looking forward to. Again I will extend this invite out to anybody else on the Parish Council and or community speed watch group to come out with me for an hour or so.

I wanted to start looking at the bigger picture in regards to speed watch; a thought going around was that we look at it as a wider issue rather than each individual village. For example, somebody speeding on Moor Lane in Rowton will continue to speed when they get in to Waverton, and somebody speeding in Christleton will continue speeding when they reach the next village etc. etc.

I am proposing a broader approach between all councils and speed watch groups with this, if Waverton speed watch group decide to go out one day and use their speed device in Christleton, or Mickle Trafford liaise with Littleton and so on it will be more helpful than focusing on individual villages if this makes sense? Like I said before, I will be out with the enforceable TruCam as often as possible and I would really like the support of the speed watch groups and to start working together more and more to tackle this. What happens in one village will affect the next.

I am sure you have all heard of the tragic RTC we had on Guy Lane, Waverton on 17/04/2019 where a young man tragically died as a result. I was out conducting speed enforcement around the corner from Guy Lane two hours earlier. The amount of people stopping to tell me it was a waste of time to be out with a speed gun was shocking. I am trying to educate people about the fact we are not there with the aim to give out points and fines, we are out there to try and prevent anything like this happening and to keep our roads safer for everybody.

Social Media:

The Police and Crime Commissioner is still wanting PCSO’s to be active on the Police social media accounts – the one relevant to you would be ‘Chester Villages Police’ on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

Upcoming Police Surgeries for May are as follows:

Friday 3rd May 6pm

Friday 10th May 9.30am

Saturday 18th May – 9.30am

Thursday 23rd May 6pm

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin


Waverton Parish Council
May 3, 2019