Police Update May 2019

Police Update from PCSO Makin

Police update

May 2019


I am still trying to visit the Schools at drop off and pick up times to try and help alleviate the parking issues we are having; again, due to my shift pattern I cannot be there consistently. I will be running ‘Let’s Walk’ training sessions with the year 3 and 4 children at all the Primary Schools, starting with Waverton in a couple of weeks, this is to teach them about road safety and is in partnership with Cheshire West.

I am aware that the wards have changed for Cheshire West and for villages such as Mickle Trafford this has put you in the Gowy and Rural ward, as far as Cheshire Police are concerned it is all the same for now so you are still under ‘Chester Villages’ this is where you will find relevant posts on social media etc.

The above may change but we haven’t been told anything yet so it will be when the Police and Crime Commissioner decides to keep them as they are or change them to match with the Council.

Anti-Social Behaviour:

Fortunately there is still nothing to report for the Villages in regards to Anti-Social Behaviour. Any issues that I’m not aware of then please do let me know or ring it in to 101. I am continuing to check in on all the usual spots such as behind Waverton Village Hall, Christleton ponds etc.

Community Speed Watch:

I have been out regularly with the TruCam in each of the Villages and I will carry on conducting speed enforcement on any problem roads we have. If anybody would like to get involved and come out with me for an hour you are more than welcome to email me and we can arrange a suitable time.

I am still waiting to hear more about the speed watch groups for all of rural. Like I said before, I will be out with the enforceable TruCam as often as possible and I would really like the support of the speed watch groups and to start working together more and more to tackle this. What happens in one village will affect the next.

Social Media:

Same as usual, the one relevant to you would be ‘Chester Villages Police’ on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

(These are for the mandatory weekly surgery at Mickle Trafford Village Hall)

I am on annual leave from June 21st to July 15th so my colleague PCSO Hayes will be doing a few of these dates for me (I have put his name next to the ones he is doing)

I will give him my access fob so he can get inside.

Upcoming Police Surgeries for June and July are as follows:

Wednesday 5th June – 18:00

Saturday 15th June – 18:00

Thursday 20th June 09:30am

Saturday the 29th of June at 18:00hrs – David Hayes

Tuesday the 2nd of July at 10:00hrs – David Hayes

Wednesday the 10th of July at 19:00hrs – David Hayes

Tuesday 16th July – 18:00

Thursday 25th July – 18:00

As I am on annual leave please be aware that there won’t be a monthly update for June and probably not much of one for July as I am away for half of it.

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin


Waverton Parish Council
June 3, 2019