Police Update August 2019

Monthly update from PCSO Makin


Over the summer holidays we have been running an operation to target Anti-Social Behaviour which I have been involved with alongside other officers. It has been a success and has seen a reduction in the number of calls we get regarding this.

The main issue around Chester Villages at the moment is youths using nitrous oxide canisters. Unfortunately they are not illegal so not much we can do from a Police point of view, although if I see anyone using them I will be getting in touch with their parents to warn them of the dangers. The issue comes from people using them and then dumping them in fields, on the side of the road etc. I am trying to tackle this in different ways but there are simply so many going around it is a difficult task. If you find any that have been dumped then let me know but they can just be recycled so no need to report it to us formally.

I am continuing to check in on all the usual spots and chat with people around the villages as much as I can.

Community Speed Watch:

I am still continuing to go out regularly with the TruCam in each of the Villages and I will carry on conducting speed enforcement on any problem roads we have.

I will extend the invite out again to anybody who would like to join me for an hour every now and then to stand on the road side and see what it’s like first hand. Those who have joined me seemed to get quite a lot out of it so please do send me an email if you decide you’d like to come along.

Social Media:

Same as usual, the one relevant to you would be ‘Chester Villages Police’ on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

(These are for the mandatory weekly surgery at Mickle Trafford Village Hall)

Upcoming Police Surgeries for September are as follows:

Thursday 5th – 6pm

Friday 13th – 9am

Wednesday 18th – 6pm

Friday 27th – 6pm

I hope you all had a great summer and I’m looking forward to working together again.

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin


Waverton Parish Council
September 3, 2019