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Key messages to share with communities

Key messages to share

Following the Council’s Facing the Future consultation exercise to help shape the budget for 2022-23, the budget has been set to continue building strong communities, strong local businesses, a thriving local economy and provide a safety net of support for those residents who need help

Data on COVID-19 infections has improved to include residents who catch the virus more than once, with the way the Council reports infections altered to match changes made nationally to include possible reinfections

If you have a community project or idea, make sure you get involved with the Cheshire West Crowd as it can help you crowdfund and you can pitch for Council funds, including a Tackling Poverty Fund worth £50,000

Preparations are underway for the country to celebrate the 70th anniversary for Her Majesty The Queen, who has ruled for longer than any other monarch in British history, and the Council has produced an application form for groups that want to hold their own events

The Council has revealed the first allocation of 22 stalls that have been contracted, or are under offer to trade, in the new market when it opens in October at the heart of the Northgate development. A further six traders, including other current and new market traders, are also concluding their leases

Chester’s Park and Ride buses have had an eye-catching makeover for 2022 to grab the attention of visitors and commuters

There is a regular series of weekday wellbeing walks available across the borough, run by the Council in partnership with The Ramblers

From 29 January, The Highway Code changed to help improve safety for people walking, cycling and horse riding


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February 12, 2022