BMX Pump Track

Following two years of fund raising and planning, the new BMX Pump Track on the Queen’s Field in Waverton has been open for six months, receiving some fantastic feedback;

"Just a quick note to thank the Parish Council, the funders and all involved in the design and construction of the new BMX track! It’s packed before & after school and it’s great to see the kids enjoying riding around! A great facility for the village!"

"I have two boys and they absolutely love the Waverton track, rating it higher than similar tracks in Christleton, Chester and Tillston. As an ageing BMX'er and skater, I have ridden lots of tracks and agree that Waverton is one of the best. Given the number of people who use the track, I am sure it must be considered as great success. I have personally enjoyed spending time there, particularly watching the older kids coach and encourage the younger kids"

"We have been watching the activity on the new bike course and can honestly say that it is a great success - the kids have been on it all day and it's really lovely to see them enjoying so much. Money well spent and congratulations to the Parish Council for the their vision and planning. The whole area is now something Waverton can be proud of"

"We were doing our daily walk and we were very impressed with the new play area. We've seen it close up before, but to see it in totality from a distance with so many children playing on it, it looked great. Well done"

The improvements to the Waverton play area have been much enjoyed by my three children. A particular hit with my son has been the bmx pump track, which despite his occasional fall, he would spend every spare minute on if he could. Many thanks to all involved in making these improvements happen”

Waverton Parish Council
June 6, 2021