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August 13, 2022

Update from CWaC regarding the current weather warning

Information to be shared with local communities

With another weather warning being put in place for extreme heat over the coming days, we wanted to provide you with an update about how you can support others in the community.

Some of the top ways to stay safe during hot weather include the following.

• Look out for those who may struggle to keep themselves cool and hydrated, such as older people living alone and those with underlying conditions who are particularly at risk

• Stay cool indoors by closing curtains on rooms that face the sun, remembering it may be cooler outdoors than indoors

• Drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol

• Try to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm when the UV rays are strongest

• Walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat if you have to go out in the heat

• Avoid physical exertion in the hottest parts of the day

• Make sure you take water with you if you are travelling

• Check that fridges, freezers and fans are working properly

• Check medicines can be stored according to the instructions on the packaging

• Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals

• Take care and make sure to follow local safety advice if you are going into the water to cool down

High temperatures also present a risk of wildfires, especially after long dry periods. People with pre-existing heart and lung conditions, such as asthma, are most susceptible as breathing wildfire smoke may worsen their symptoms. Children and older people may also be susceptible to health impacts.

If wildfire smoke affects your area, avoid or reduce your exposure to smoke by staying indoors with the doors and windows closed.

Where possible, avoid smoky areas and, if you should travel through a smoky area, make sure the vehicle windows are closed and the air conditioning is switched to recycle or recirculate if possible.

The UK Health Security Agency has produced a one-page information leaflet about how to beat the heat, focusing on keeping in touch, keeping well, finding somewhere cool and watching out.

Leaflet about beating the heat

More information about beating the heat on the Government website

As it’s currently the summer holidays, many children and young people will be out and about in the community and their susceptibility to high temperatures varies. Those under four years of age who are overweight or taking certain medication may be at increased risk of adverse effects.

Advice for teachers or professionals working with children and young people

The British Red Cross also has a range of information on its website, including advice translated in a number of different languages.

Access information on the British Red Cross website

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the importance of communities coming together and how being a good neighbour can make a real difference to others, particularly for those who might be vulnerable or living alone.

Check in on others in your neighbourhood and see whether they have everything they need to cope during the heat wave. A knock on their door could be all it takes to help them get some extra support they may need.

Please keep an eye on Council, Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) and other partner communication channels for the latest information and advice.

Other key messages to share

The next project creator workshop to help community organisations get ready for crowdfunding on the Cheshire West Crowd is taking place on Tuesday 6 September

The Council's Library service is asking for views to shape the service provided by its mobile library

The Council has voted to adopt the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, supporting the aim to make sure everyone can actively participate in their community

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April 17, 2022

Waverton Jubilee Picnic

The Queen has endorsed Waverton’s event which will take place on Sunday 5th June at the Queen’s Field,

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July 29, 2022

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) report for Chester Villages

July update from PCSO Linda Bailey for Chester Villages

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June 7, 2022

Village Fun Run

Christleton to Waverton Villages Fun Run is back. 7.00pm THURSDAY 30th JUNE 2022

Approx. 2 mile route starting at Christleton Primary School and finishing on Waverton Queen’s Field.
Run limit 500 runners – enter early to guarantee your place.

Application Form

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April 2, 2022

Chester Villages PCSO report

March report from Police Community Support Officer Linda Bailey

Click Here


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February 12, 2022

Updates from Cheshire West & Chester Council

Key messages to share with communities

Key messages to share

Following the Council’s Facing the Future consultation exercise to help shape the budget for 2022-23, the budget has been set to continue building strong communities, strong local businesses, a thriving local economy and provide a safety net of support for those residents who need help

Data on COVID-19 infections has improved to include residents who catch the virus more than once, with the way the Council reports infections altered to match changes made nationally to include possible reinfections

If you have a community project or idea, make sure you get involved with the Cheshire West Crowd as it can help you crowdfund and you can pitch for Council funds, including a Tackling Poverty Fund worth £50,000

Preparations are underway for the country to celebrate the 70th anniversary for Her Majesty The Queen, who has ruled for longer than any other monarch in British history, and the Council has produced an application form for groups that want to hold their own events

The Council has revealed the first allocation of 22 stalls that have been contracted, or are under offer to trade, in the new market when it opens in October at the heart of the Northgate development. A further six traders, including other current and new market traders, are also concluding their leases

Chester’s Park and Ride buses have had an eye-catching makeover for 2022 to grab the attention of visitors and commuters

There is a regular series of weekday wellbeing walks available across the borough, run by the Council in partnership with The Ramblers

From 29 January, The Highway Code changed to help improve safety for people walking, cycling and horse riding


If you don’t already, follow the Council’s social media platforms as there’s plenty of useful information;

Council Twitter account

Council Facebook page

Council LinkedIn page

Council Instagram account

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October 27, 2021

Cheshire West and Chester - Climate Emergency Response Plan

Tackling the Climate Emergency remains a key priority for Cheshire West and Chester Council. As there are many local groups and individuals playing their part to make their communities greener and better places to live, CWaC have launched an exciting online engagement hub named ‘Inspire’

The dedicated web platform will provide a fresh space to share ideas and stories about what people are doing locally to reduce carbon emissions and improve the natural environment.

The site will showcase communities and their commitment to a wealth of projects promoting greener living and a more sustainable future.

Inspire allows all these stories to be told through a variety of mediums including written content, image galleries, videos and blogs.

Whether it’s a tree-planting scheme, a local litter pick, a wildlife conservation project, an energy-saving initiative, or anything else that benefits the environment in some way – CWaC want to hear from you.

Inspire’s Climate Emergency pages will also become a hub for useful ecological resources, with a ‘Questions and Answers’ tool addressing important questions surrounding the Climate Emergency.

The Q&A section breaks down the key elements of topics like COP26, a summit that aims to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Embedded within the site you’ll also find a ‘Key Dates’ section so you’ll never miss out on inspiration for your next green-thinking campaign or project, and a dedicated ‘Our News’ section to promote the latest climate emergency-related stories from the Council.

Visit Inspire at: Climate Emergency | Participate Now (

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July 16, 2021

Waverton Community Speed Watch

How concerned are you about the speed of vehicles in Waverton? Are you interested to help set up a new Community Speed Watch group for the village?

Volunteers typically go out once a month or so to a risk assessed location and to monitor traffic for an hour. They record speeds, times, and car registration numbers. As a result police send letters to speeding drivers .

Volunteers attend a c.2 hour online training session. The next session is 2pm, 28th June

We need a minimum of six Community Speed Watch Volunteers to make a scheme viable and sustainable.

Please contact Richard Moulds, M: 07834 320979 for more information and if you want to join the group.

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September 3, 2019

Police Update August 2019

Monthly update from PCSO Makin


Over the summer holidays we have been running an operation to target Anti-Social Behaviour which I have been involved with alongside other officers. It has been a success and has seen a reduction in the number of calls we get regarding this.

The main issue around Chester Villages at the moment is youths using nitrous oxide canisters. Unfortunately they are not illegal so not much we can do from a Police point of view, although if I see anyone using them I will be getting in touch with their parents to warn them of the dangers. The issue comes from people using them and then dumping them in fields, on the side of the road etc. I am trying to tackle this in different ways but there are simply so many going around it is a difficult task. If you find any that have been dumped then let me know but they can just be recycled so no need to report it to us formally.

I am continuing to check in on all the usual spots and chat with people around the villages as much as I can.

Community Speed Watch:

I am still continuing to go out regularly with the TruCam in each of the Villages and I will carry on conducting speed enforcement on any problem roads we have.

I will extend the invite out again to anybody who would like to join me for an hour every now and then to stand on the road side and see what it’s like first hand. Those who have joined me seemed to get quite a lot out of it so please do send me an email if you decide you’d like to come along.

Social Media:

Same as usual, the one relevant to you would be ‘Chester Villages Police’ on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

(These are for the mandatory weekly surgery at Mickle Trafford Village Hall)

Upcoming Police Surgeries for September are as follows:

Thursday 5th – 6pm

Friday 13th – 9am

Wednesday 18th – 6pm

Friday 27th – 6pm

I hope you all had a great summer and I’m looking forward to working together again.

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin


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February 4, 2020

New 20mph zone in Waverton

CWaC Highways dept have determined the new 20mph zone for the roads bordering Waverton Primary school.

See map below. Due to be introduced imminently. More information to follow in the next edition of the Wavertonian


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July 8, 2019

Tour of Britain Cycle Race coming to Waverton

The UK's biggest professional cycle race will be passing through Waverton Parish on Wednesday 11th September

The OVO Energy Tour of Britain is coming through Waverton village on Wednesday September 11th at approximately 12.40 to 1.00 pm.

This is the UK’s biggest cycle race and is televised on ITV 4 from start to finish, and we want to give the cyclists a really big 'Wavertonian welcome' on stage 5  of their 1,250 km journey around Britain.

The bunting will be up, the schoolchildren will be cheering and waving flags, local cycling groups will be supporting the cyclists, and we would love to see as many of you as possible lining the route.

The route is from Saighton, along the A41 and Eggbridge Lane towards Stapleford.

If you live or work along Eggbridge Lane or Guy Lane you can decorate your  business, house, hedge, fence or lamppost in red, white and blue to add to the atmosphere.

There is also a land art competition, so if you have a field and would like to enter (and be seen on ITV), the closing date is 31st August.

You can get more information at,

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May 8, 2020

VE Day Celebration

A red, white & blue floral arrangement was placed on the Millennium Cross on Friday 8th May, on behalf of Waverton Parish Council, to mark the VE Day Celebration. Thank you to the Chester Rural Flower Club for their kind assistance.

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October 16, 2019

Proposed 20 MPH Limit

Cheshire West and Chester are proposing to reduce the speed limit by the primary school to 20 mph. A copy of the Council's response to the consultation can be found in the Road Safety Section on this website

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July 17, 2021

Update from PCSO Linda Bailey

Youth engagement events on behalf of Cheshire Constabulary in the Chester Villages area

PCSO BAILEY and friends will be in the following locations for fun and games this summer. Please come along, open to all ages, activities may be one or more of the following, inflatable interactive fun game, football skills and rounders, arts and crafts, dynamic obstacle course.

Tuesday 20th July – Mickle Trafford Park 5pm – 6pm

Wednesday 21st July – Guilden Sutton football playing field 6pm – 8pm

Wednesday 4th August – Waverton Village Hall 10am – 12pm

Monday 9th August – Chrislteton King George playing field 4pm – 6pm

Sunday 15th August – Mickle Trafford Park 10am – 12pm

Monday 16th August – Waverton Village Hall 10am – 12pm

Tuesday 31st August – Christleton King George playing field 4pm – 6pm

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April 3, 2020

Message from Leader of Cheshire West Council, Louise Gittins on Coronavirus pandemic

Covid-19 continues to present a huge and unprecedented challenge to us all. The social distancing and isolation measures recently introduced - and the closure of schools, non-essential businesses and other public places - are rightly designed to help support our NHS and ultimately save lives by limiting the spread of the virus. Even so, it remains a really challenging and worrying time for many. But we really are all in this together. Inevitably, overcoming this challenge isn’t something we can do on our own. As a community, we all have role to play. As a community, we will all face some difficult decisions over the coming weeks and as a community we really need to continue to support each other. We all need to play our part. You will all know of many examples where this is already happening, and I’d like to thank our residents, businesses, partners and Council staff for their ongoing hard work, dedication and kindness at this difficult time – it’s truly inspiring to see. I recently outlined the Council’s five-point plan for tackling Covid-19. This will remain under continuous review but I would like to update you on where we’re up to:

Protecting our most vulnerable residents

We continue to be in close contact with Public Health England and the Government’s Chief Medical Officer and are working with our local public and voluntary sector partners to fully understand the current and likely future impact on our own communities.

Care services, which we provide to those in need on a daily basis, continue to be delivered.

An emergency response has been launched to support vulnerable groups at higher risk of serious complications as a result of Covid-19 infection.  The Government has contacted affected residents and the first packages of support have now been received.  We are also making contact with those residents at a local level to ensure that they have all of the help and advice that they need.

A wider group of people may also need additional support to protect themselves from the virus, and we have launched a dedicated helpline - 0300 123 7031 - which is available 7 days a week, between 8am and 7pm.  This helpline will provide advice, support and, where necessary, make arrangements for food, medical equipment and social contact.

We’re asking people to stay alert to scams that are being seen across the country with advice available on our website and we are supporting residents struggling financially as a result of Covid-19, through a fund set up to support reductions in Council Tax.

Working with our communities

Community spirit will be absolutely vital in getting us all through the challenges that we currently face, and a huge amount is already happening.

More than 1500 of our residents have already signed up as volunteers to support some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. They will be critical to us in making sure that people have access to food, medical supplies or social contact. I’d like to thank everyone who’s volunteered so far and there’s still chance to sign up if you haven’t already through a ‘How Can You Help’ link on our Covid-19 webpage.

We have also set up a Community Response Fund worth £250,000 to help local causes. Yesterday we received the fantastic news that the fund has been boosted by a £250,000 donation from Westminster Foundation for Democracy.  This very generous gift now means that £500,000 is available as emergency funding to support established and new local community initiatives and the vulnerable people they are helping.

All applications over £500 will be considered, and application forms can be accessed by email to

Supporting our local businesses and their employees

All information on the support available for our businesses is available here: Business owners can register at to receive regular updates, support and advice.

We continue to request details from the 6,000 local businesses eligible for a Business Rate Support Grant, which will provide much-needed financial assistance to them at a time of considerable financial difficulty. CH1 BID has produced a webpage for businesses to share ways they can offer support, such as delivery services, online sales or takeaway food and drink.

Keeping Council services running

The Council’s priority, and that of our partners, continues to be to protect those most at risk in our communities.  However, we also need to make sure that we continue to deliver the key front-line services that we’re responsible for delivering on a daily basis.

From supporting over 250 schools and nurseries and safeguarding hundreds of our most vulnerable children, families and adults to providing support to our businesses, collecting waste and maintaining the quality of our roads, council staff are working around the clock.

All of these services and many more will be increasingly impacted by Covid-19.  Some will need to be prioritised, with staff already being redeployed to help us manage those priority areas; and some will need to be delivered differently or temporarily scaled back.  We are all working together to fully understand the fast-developing situation that we face, and respond to it as quickly and effectively as possible. Resident’s best interests are at the forefront of every decision we make.

Communicating with our residents

At this uncertain and worrying time, we want to make sure that all our residents and businesses know exactly what we are doing and where they can find information and advice.

You can find everything you need to know by visiting

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April 1, 2019

Police Update March 2019

Monthly update from PCSO Makin


Myself, Rob Boulton and Sgt Collinson attended a Careers event for Children who don’t have the usual career options ahead of them due to various disadvantages in their lives at the Cheshire View, this was a really positive interaction with the children and I think some of them were genuinely inspired to look at Policing as a career afterwards.

Foot patrols around the Villages are being received well by residents and I’m looking forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with the communities.

The only thing worth noting is the amount of Fraud we are seeing with our elderly and vulnerable residents. Not just villages but all across the country. We are trying to tackle this but please be vigilant and pass it on to anyone else that if they are concerned about a suspicious email or telephone call, ring it in to 101.

Anti-Social Behaviour:

No reports coming through of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Villages, I am continuing to patrol any areas that have had problems in the past and a resident in Waverton mentioned kids hang out in the bowling green of an evening so I will check here when I am on late shifts.

Community Speed Watch:

I have continued to focus on speeding motorists on our Village roads and will be out with the TruCam this weekend. If you have any roads that you think need attention please pass that on to me so I can head out with TruCam.

Social Media:

The Police and Crime Commissioner has said that he wants all PCSO’s to be active on the Police social media accounts. This hasn’t changed since last month so if you don’t already and would like to see what I’m up to day to day then follow Chester Villages Police on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

Upcoming Police Surgeries for March are as follows:

3rd April – 6pm

11th April – 6pm

18th April – 6pm

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin


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November 20, 2020

New BMX Track is open

Following two years of fund raising and planning, we are delighted to have recently opened “Phase 3” of the ‘play area master plan’, a new BMX Pump Track on the Queen’s Field in Waverton

This is a fantastic outdoor facility which will be enjoyed by Waverton residents and visitors for the years to come. The track is located on the Queen’s Field next to the play areas, and is designed for: BMX bikes, BMX cruisers, mountain bikes, skateboards, micro scooters, rollerblades. The track offers scope for the beginner and the expert rider alike.


The funding for the track has come from several sources for which we are incredibly appreciative. Our principle funder is FCC Communities Foundation (formerly called Wren). We have also received generous contributions from local organisations: Grosvenor Westminster Foundation; The Crocky Trail and its local customers. We would like to thank the contractors - Clark & Kent - for their excellent work, and care and attention whilst undergoing the building works. Thanks also to Gethin from Stiwdio Owens for his support and expertise in helping us to apply for funding and carry out the tender for works.


We have conducted a “virtual” opening and have posted a video on our Parish Council twitter feed (Twitter: @wavertonvillage) and on Clark&Kent’s Instagram and Facebook pages. See video link below. Before the opening we passed the ROSPA safety test, with the inspector commending the “very good design and installation”. There is a prominent sign at the entrance showing the safety instructions, including a visual illustration of the personal safety equipment all track users should be wearing (e.g bmx helmet with face shield).

Dave Clarke of Waverton Parish council comments: “we are delighted to have opened the new BMX pump track and it’s wonderful to see it being so popular in the first few weeks since opening. It provides healthy outdoor exercise for kids, is great fun and is all free of charge for all. This opening concludes a 3 phase plan of play area construction, which started 5 years ago with the vision of a group of local volunteers led by Waverton resident Phil Goodall. All the hard work certainly has paid off”.

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November 5, 2018

Waverton Road Safety Group - "30mph please drive safely"

One of the recommendations from the Road Safety group was putting "30mph please drive safely" stickers on the large wheelie bins. 4 stickers have been distributed to residents who live on the main roads in the parish. Thank you for your support.

The full report on the traffic survey and recommendations can be found on the Waverton Parish Council page of the website.

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June 6, 2021

BMX Pump Track

Following two years of fund raising and planning, the new BMX Pump Track on the Queen’s Field in Waverton has been open for six months, receiving some fantastic feedback;

"Just a quick note to thank the Parish Council, the funders and all involved in the design and construction of the new BMX track! It’s packed before & after school and it’s great to see the kids enjoying riding around! A great facility for the village!"

"I have two boys and they absolutely love the Waverton track, rating it higher than similar tracks in Christleton, Chester and Tillston. As an ageing BMX'er and skater, I have ridden lots of tracks and agree that Waverton is one of the best. Given the number of people who use the track, I am sure it must be considered as great success. I have personally enjoyed spending time there, particularly watching the older kids coach and encourage the younger kids"

"We have been watching the activity on the new bike course and can honestly say that it is a great success - the kids have been on it all day and it's really lovely to see them enjoying so much. Money well spent and congratulations to the Parish Council for the their vision and planning. The whole area is now something Waverton can be proud of"

"We were doing our daily walk and we were very impressed with the new play area. We've seen it close up before, but to see it in totality from a distance with so many children playing on it, it looked great. Well done"

The improvements to the Waverton play area have been much enjoyed by my three children. A particular hit with my son has been the bmx pump track, which despite his occasional fall, he would spend every spare minute on if he could. Many thanks to all involved in making these improvements happen”

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November 8, 2017

Neighbourhood Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed and return the survey.

We are in the process of compiling the results of the survey, and will provide an update in the next copy of The Wavertonian, and on the website.

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November 11, 2018

Remembrance Sunday

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Remembrance event to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1. (Follow us on twitter for more photos from the day - @wavertonvillage)

Remembrance Sunday Parade

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November 14, 2019

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan consultation - closing date: 13 February 2020

The Council has set out long-term priorities for improvements to infrastructure along cycling and walking routes in key urban areas of the borough and would like your views on these priorities, as well as any additional suggestions you have for improvements across Cheshire West.

The consultation period closes on 13 February 2020. You can take part in the online survey. Go to...

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May 3, 2019

Waverton Parish Walk

Another popular Waverton Parish Walk took place on Sunday 28th April. Thanks to Footpaths Warden, Andy Leaman for organising and all those who turned out.

Waverton Parish Walk
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June 4, 2018

Waverton Men’s Badminton Club

Waverton Men’s Badminton Club are seeking new members!

We are a small informal club playing badminton doubles in Waverton Village Hall on Monday nights between 20:15-22:15.  All abilities are welcome and you don’t have to live in the village to join us.  We are currently taking a break over the summer and are due to start playing again at the beginning of September.  If you are interested in giving it a try, then please contact Graham on 07967 331898 or email:

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April 21, 2021

His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh

Waverton Parish Council exchanged correspondence with the Palace in order to express condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and all her family on the passing of her most excellent Consort and partner the Duke of Edinburgh.

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December 13, 2017

Two defibrillators installed in the village

Defibrillators have been installed on the wall of the One Stop store and on the outer wall of the Village Hall.

Both are registered with the North West Ambulance Service who have the cabinet code for access, as have the staff at One Stop and the Village Pharmacy. We will be arranging training sessions shortly - more details to follow.

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September 18, 2018

Waverton Road Safety Group Update

Waverton Road Safety Group have published the background, findings, conclusions and recommendations from the Road Traffic Survey carried out at 5 locations within the parish during June and July 2018. Go to the Waverton Parish Council page on this website to read the report.

The draft version was discussed at the Waverton Road Safety Group meeting on 3rd September. As a result, the recommendations were finalised. The final version was considered and accepted at the Parish Council on Monday 10th September.

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May 3, 2019

Police update April 2019

From PCSO Makin

Anti-Social Behaviour:

Some reports of youths causing some issues in the Village Hall in Waverton. Spoken to the parents about this so hopefully it will stop, I will continue to monitor though.

Fortunately there is nothing else to report for the other Villages in regards to Anti-Social Behaviour. Any issues that I’m not aware of then please do let me know or ring it in to 101.

I will be trying to visit the Schools at drop off and pick up times to try and help alleviate the parking issues we are having; doing this is only a temporary fix though as due to my shift pattern I cannot be there consistently.

Community Speed Watch:

I now have use of a second enforceable TruCam thanks to Helsby Parish Council who have let me use it. This means I will be out more and more conducting speed enforcement on our roads. I will divide this time as fairly as possible between all wards; Richard Moulds from Waverton community speed watch is coming out with me soon to do an hour of speed enforcement on one of the problem roads in Waverton which I am looking forward to. Again I will extend this invite out to anybody else on the Parish Council and or community speed watch group to come out with me for an hour or so.

I wanted to start looking at the bigger picture in regards to speed watch; a thought going around was that we look at it as a wider issue rather than each individual village. For example, somebody speeding on Moor Lane in Rowton will continue to speed when they get in to Waverton, and somebody speeding in Christleton will continue speeding when they reach the next village etc. etc.

I am proposing a broader approach between all councils and speed watch groups with this, if Waverton speed watch group decide to go out one day and use their speed device in Christleton, or Mickle Trafford liaise with Littleton and so on it will be more helpful than focusing on individual villages if this makes sense? Like I said before, I will be out with the enforceable TruCam as often as possible and I would really like the support of the speed watch groups and to start working together more and more to tackle this. What happens in one village will affect the next.

I am sure you have all heard of the tragic RTC we had on Guy Lane, Waverton on 17/04/2019 where a young man tragically died as a result. I was out conducting speed enforcement around the corner from Guy Lane two hours earlier. The amount of people stopping to tell me it was a waste of time to be out with a speed gun was shocking. I am trying to educate people about the fact we are not there with the aim to give out points and fines, we are out there to try and prevent anything like this happening and to keep our roads safer for everybody.

Social Media:

The Police and Crime Commissioner is still wanting PCSO’s to be active on the Police social media accounts – the one relevant to you would be ‘Chester Villages Police’ on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

Upcoming Police Surgeries for May are as follows:

Friday 3rd May 6pm

Friday 10th May 9.30am

Saturday 18th May – 9.30am

Thursday 23rd May 6pm

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin


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June 3, 2019

Police Update May 2019

Police Update from PCSO Makin

Police update

May 2019


I am still trying to visit the Schools at drop off and pick up times to try and help alleviate the parking issues we are having; again, due to my shift pattern I cannot be there consistently. I will be running ‘Let’s Walk’ training sessions with the year 3 and 4 children at all the Primary Schools, starting with Waverton in a couple of weeks, this is to teach them about road safety and is in partnership with Cheshire West.

I am aware that the wards have changed for Cheshire West and for villages such as Mickle Trafford this has put you in the Gowy and Rural ward, as far as Cheshire Police are concerned it is all the same for now so you are still under ‘Chester Villages’ this is where you will find relevant posts on social media etc.

The above may change but we haven’t been told anything yet so it will be when the Police and Crime Commissioner decides to keep them as they are or change them to match with the Council.

Anti-Social Behaviour:

Fortunately there is still nothing to report for the Villages in regards to Anti-Social Behaviour. Any issues that I’m not aware of then please do let me know or ring it in to 101. I am continuing to check in on all the usual spots such as behind Waverton Village Hall, Christleton ponds etc.

Community Speed Watch:

I have been out regularly with the TruCam in each of the Villages and I will carry on conducting speed enforcement on any problem roads we have. If anybody would like to get involved and come out with me for an hour you are more than welcome to email me and we can arrange a suitable time.

I am still waiting to hear more about the speed watch groups for all of rural. Like I said before, I will be out with the enforceable TruCam as often as possible and I would really like the support of the speed watch groups and to start working together more and more to tackle this. What happens in one village will affect the next.

Social Media:

Same as usual, the one relevant to you would be ‘Chester Villages Police’ on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

(These are for the mandatory weekly surgery at Mickle Trafford Village Hall)

I am on annual leave from June 21st to July 15th so my colleague PCSO Hayes will be doing a few of these dates for me (I have put his name next to the ones he is doing)

I will give him my access fob so he can get inside.

Upcoming Police Surgeries for June and July are as follows:

Wednesday 5th June – 18:00

Saturday 15th June – 18:00

Thursday 20th June 09:30am

Saturday the 29th of June at 18:00hrs – David Hayes

Tuesday the 2nd of July at 10:00hrs – David Hayes

Wednesday the 10th of July at 19:00hrs – David Hayes

Tuesday 16th July – 18:00

Thursday 25th July – 18:00

As I am on annual leave please be aware that there won’t be a monthly update for June and probably not much of one for July as I am away for half of it.

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin


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November 1, 2017

New Website

Welcome to Waverton Parish Council's new website

We are delighted to launch our new website that has been built in partnership with Christleton High School. We would like to thank Sixth Form students, Harry Gautier and Charlie Larsen who developed the website. Thanks also to Mrs Farley, Head of Business Education and ICT for supporting the partnership, one we hope to build on in the years to come. 

If you are looking for support in building a website, Harry Gautier can be contacted at (website:

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October 17, 2019

Rural Chester Flower Club: "Five Gold Rings"

Monday 25th November - Vanessa Wellock from Ilkley - "Five Gold Rings"

Tarvin Community Centre, CH3 8LP

Doors Openn 6.45pm for 7.45pm start

Tickets £10

Contact Chair: Ruth Hughes (01244 300185)

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February 17, 2018

Defibrillator Training

Following successful training sessions at Waverton Villlage Hall, more training sessions available in Tattenhall. We have 2 defibrillators in the village so it’s important people learn how to use them. You never know when you might need to use one, and you may save a life.

Learn how to use a defibrillator (free training but a donation is greatly appreciated).

Presented by Tattenhall First responders with a maximum class of 12 people.

Dates: Saturday 24th March, 21st July and 25th November (2-4pm)

Held at:

The Studio Workshops

2  Worley court,

Bolesworth Road, Tattenhall, 

Cheshire, CH3 9HW

To Book: call 01829 771895

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March 28, 2021

Chester Villages Police Update – March

Update from PCSO Bailey ( )

March update can be found on the Waverton Parish Council page on the website

Waverton Parish Council | Files

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October 31, 2018

Waverton Play Area

The new play area at the Queen's Field is open. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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November 14, 2019

'Love your streets' Campaign.

Cheshire West and Cheshire council have launched a 'love your streets' campaign. As part of the campaign, all Waverton residents can report any issues they see in the village (e.g overflowing bins, blocked street drains, street lights not working).

Three ways to report an issue you see in Waverton’s streets:

1. Phone (0300 123 8123)

2. Google “Cheshire west and Chester love your streets” and look for “report it” . Alternatively try the website address itself:

3. Download the App on your smartphone. Search “Cheshire west and Cheshire love your streets” and download and use the App

You may also report any concerns to the Parish Council who will take up the issue on your behalf.

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September 25, 2020

A once in a lifetime opportunity for cyclists in Waverton & other parts of South East Chester?

The 6 parish councils that comprise SE Chester (Great Boughton, Huntington, Littleton , Christleton , Rowton and Waverton) are eligible to submit proposals for funds to improve active travel to the Community Infrastructure Levy.

This was created by the residential housing development in Huntington. A significant part of this £4.5 million fund is still available. The main purpose of the fund is to create new cycling and pedestrian facilities/infrastructure for residents that increase active travel as opposed to travel by car within this area.

Great Boughton, Huntington, Littleton, Christleton ,and Waverton Parish Councils have set up a group and worked closely with members of Cycling UK to produce an integrated, summary cycling infrastructure plan for SE Chester that focuses on improving the main cycling routes to schools , to work and to shops and to /from the centre of Chester. This plan is based on the cycling infrastructure  plans for each Parish Council and provides a much  improved cycle route network. As a result we have 16 potential improvement projects for discussion with CWAC Highways and local councillors in October, prior to submitting applications for funds.

Please go to Waverton Parish Council page on the website to review the detailed proposals

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March 1, 2019

Police update February 2019

From PCSO Makin

Hi all, please see below the monthly update for February.


I have spent some time trying to find people breaking in to an abandoned farm house in Rowton on the A41, the owner is not available and it has been left in a state of disarray for a number of years now, recently having people break in for whatever reason. We have contacted Fire about it to see if it is a hazard so I’ll keep Rowton Parish Council updated on this.

I have been out in Christleton a lot meeting different groups of people, I have started to build a relationship with the Community Payback team by attending the Church grounds with them if I am on shift at the same time they are working there. Myself, Rob Boulton and Sgt Collinson are attending a Careers event for Children who don’t have the usual career options ahead of them due to various disadvantages in their lives. We are looking forward to this and hopefully offer some direction for the kids attending.

Foot patrols around the Villages are being received well by residents, I rarely find a time when I don’t stop to chat with people when out and about.

There was a burglary in Guilden Sutton recently, I have done reassurance visits and visited the neighbours to offer some security advice and drop some leaflets off.

Anti-Social Behaviour:

No reports coming through of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Villages, although Cotton Hall, a charity not far from Waverton and Guilden Sutton have had a spate of issues lately with the youths on site. I am working hard to come up with solutions to this and thankfully it doesn’t seem to be spilling out in to neighbouring villages. I am continuing to patrol any areas that have had problems in the past but there isn’t anything worth noting with regards to this.

Community Speed Watch:

I have continued to focus on speeding motorists on our Village roads and I have had a member of the community email to ask if I can target School Lane and Guilden Sutton lane as cars are constantly speeding along here.

Again, I am happy to work with any of you in this department, so please do get in touch if you want to be involved, or if you have any roads that you think need attention please pass that on to me so I can head out with TruCam.

Social Media:

The Police and Crime Commissioner has said that he wants all PCSO’s to be active on the Police social media accounts. This hasn’t changed since last month so if you don’t already and would like to see what I’m up to day to day then follow Chester Villages Police on Facebook or Twitter.

Police surgery:

Upcoming Police Surgeries for March are as follows:

8th March – 09.30

13th March – 18.00

22nd March – 18.00

29th March – 09.30

I have said this before but if I haven’t yet attended a Parish Council Meeting in your Village it is because I am not on duty at the time it is being held and we are not expected to deviate shifts to accommodate this. I am invested in our Villages and I am working my hardest to keep our roads safe along with every other aspect of my role, so please don’t think that I am intentionally not making an effort to be involved with the meetings.

If you would like to meet me to discuss anything please do pop in to one of the Surgeries listed above or email me and we can set up a meeting when it suits both parties.

Kind Regards,

PCSO Makin

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March 1, 2019

Repairs to Common Lane

Confirmation from Highways that resurfacing will commence on 5th April

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